I am a philosopher and literary critic. On this site I shall periodically post audio recordings of some of my favourite classic literary and philosophical works (or parts thereof), and of lectures that I give on philosophical and literary topics. Feel free to make copies of this content, but please do not charge for those copies or alter the content in any way without permission.

Recent uploads

December 7 2020—A favourite Grimm Märchen of mine, Vom Fischer und seiner Frau.

November 10 2020—A couple more Pooh stories, and a bit of Lucretius.

October 15 2020—Two more Pooh stories uploaded.

September 26 2020—I have created a new folder, ‘Philosophy Lectures’, and will upload there lectures that I record for my students. This semester I will put up a series on the philosophy of language, and I start with the topic of the context principle.

September 19 2020—Bowing to familial pressure, I have decided to branch out a little, and have recorded two stories from A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.

August 28 2020—Another batch of Shakespeare’s sonnets, 100–17, containing some of his most beautiful.

August 11 2020—Lamb’s ‘Amicus Redivivus’, in which the escapades and character of the eccentric George Dyer are further developed; there is also a deliciously dry satire featuring the quack doctor Monoculus, who has never ‘truckled to the pedantry of a diploma’, and who, for the reassurance of his patients, joins them in swallowing the prescribed medicine, a tumbler of cognac.

July 26 2020­—I have added ‘Oxford in the Vacation’ to the recordings of Charles Lamb’s essays. I have used the original printing from the London Magazine of Oct. 1820, and not the reprinting in Essays of Elia, which omits a couple of fine passages. The essay is especially noteworthy for its portrayal of Lamb’s remarkable friend, George Dyer.